Windkraft - Wildwuchs Präambel

Wir sind dafür, daß Windkraftanlagen einen angemessenen Teil unserer Energieversorgung sicherstellen, aber nur im Rahmen einer überregionalen, sorgfältigen Planung !

Dieser Blog soll allen, die dem Windkraft - Wildwuchs kritisch gegenüberstehen, ein Forum bieten.

Als Anfang stelle ich hier einige Leserbriefe und Artikel ein, die von dieser lokalen Situation ausgehen.

Voller Text:

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Preamble (Präambel, translated for the english speaking public)

Windkraft - Wildwuchs (The uncontrolled growth of on-shore wind power)

We actively support the cause of wind power contributing a significant ammount of our energy supply, but not unhindered by carefully crafted, transregional rules and regulations!

The desolate situation in my homeland, western "Mittelfranken", uin the administrative district of Neustadt/Aisch, sadly speaks for itself:
Everywhere, but increasingly on my homelands signature woodland sites, wind power plants with up to
656 feet in heigth are raised. A special focus seems to be placed on errecting them every one to two miles on the picturesque hillside of the woodland area, allmost allways two to three on one spot, thereby brutally disturbing the peacefull scenery, a sight fit to grate on everyones eyes.

Despite the existance of a "Regionalplan Westliches Mittelfranken", which assigns areas of prefference to erect wind power plants upon, it only regulates plants with a required area of more then 10 Hectares - Sadly, the space requirement of said power plants is below the limit, thus managing to slip below any rules and regulations already established.
Thus, if the "communitys" deccide to assign multiple areas in a  "Flächennutzungsplan" - as they are encouraged to do so by the national and regional  gouvernment - there is no basis upon which to protest with any reasonable chance of sucess. Thus, these "small" power plants spring up like dandilions, preferrably on the outskirts of the election district, and more and more on ecologically important nearby woodland recreational areas.

With the ecological blessing of the "Bund Naturschutz", an unholy alliance of policy ( represented by the environmental secretary mister Söder), communities ( financing through municipal tax) and most of all investors ( "community wind power plants") are out to destroy our homeland.

I am enraged and must firmly object!

This blog is for all of those out there, suffering from similar circumstances, or simply taking a critical stance against the uncontrolled growth of wind power plants, to exchange opinions and offer an open forum.

Of course, I was alerted through a particular case. On the arcadian, lake and woodland filled area of Tanzenheid, the municipality of "Wilhelmsdorf" has decided to erect two "Bürgerräder" ( wind powered plants financed by investors within the community), towering over Tanzenheid with their impressive height of over 656 feet.

In the beginning, I planned on posting a few letters to the editors and articles of various newspapers, dealing with the local situation.

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